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Foundation Takes Ownership of Hot Shops

A Message from Hot Shops Co-Founder Tim Barry

The Hot Shops Art Foundation has taken ownership of the Hot Shops building at 1301 Nicholas Street. The Foundation is taking on the responsibility of moving Omaha’s beloved Art Center into the future.

Co-founder, Tim Barry, shares his thoughts on the future of the Hot Shops.

“Twenty-one years ago, a group of artists called Guild by Association created a path called creativity and invited everyone to experience, explore and share.
And they came – we called it Hot Shops.
We are curious – we are makers – we are collaborators – we are teachers. We love questions that have infinite answers – we ask, why and what if a lot.
We are now us – you and me.
Creatives need places to create. A place to tell the story of their dreams – triumphs & tragedy’s – the beauty & wonders – the good and kindness we witness – as well as the ugliness and unexplainable.
Hot Shops is the place where this happens.
At Hot Shops you can find your voice and experience new ways to use it. You can come and see how good you can be – what’s stopping you? 
Creatives, collaborate – share – compete – support each other – support education – support the community and make cool stuff.
90 creatives have made this a place to create, teach and share.  70 more want to join this community. Without the Hot Shops and the artists within it, Omaha will feel the loss.
There are a lot of “what if’s,” some are heavy-duty. The Hot Shops Board of Director’s have the talent, skills and passion to creatively solve any of the “what if’s,” that will come before you.
You are all about to take on the responsibility of, “The place where ideas, dreams & what if’s are explored created and shared.” The opportunities for creatives will strengthen and grow.
Guild by Association is throwing the torch to you. Hot Shops belongs to the community, and you are the new “Keepers of the Flame.”
So, run damn it! Run!”  
Tim Barry, Hot Shops Co-Founder

Hot Shops Board of Directors

President – Doug Bisson
Community Planning and Urban Design Lead, HDR
Secretary – Christina Kahler
Director of Wholesale Marketing, First National Bank
Treasurer – Bill Kenedy
Forensic Accountant/Lutz
Jason Fischer
Owner, Creative Leader, Surreal Media Lab
Michael C. Pallesen
Partner, Cline Williams Wright Johnson & Oldfather, L.L.P.
BJ Reed
Retired. Senior Vice Chancellor – University of Nebraska at Omaha
Kim Sellmeyer
Executive Director, Hot Shops Art Foundation
Robb Steffes
Project Executive, Kiewit Building Group, Inc.
Frederick M. (Ted) Stilwill
Retired educator and education administrator, former CEO of the Learning Community of Douglas and Sarpy Counties