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Kitt Hamersky

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Kitt Hamersky

Kitt Hamersky

In the studio - Most every day, 1 - 5 p.m.
Hours subject to change. To ensure artist availability, please call. 

Since childhood I have been exposed and involved in textiles, art and color. At the age of 5 I was making tassels for my marching boots in colors to match my outfits, and from then on I was hooked. I wove hot pads, designed clothes for my trolls, wove bookmarks and dollhouse rugs, I was always creating something. I dabbled in beading, quilting, paper making, felting, stitching, basketry, macrame, kumihimo, tapestry, pottery, and dyeing.

I learned to weave and spin as a teen, and through the years I kept returning to fiber pursuits, I love the challenges, organization and the magic of creating cloth from a bit of string, and yarn from a bit of fluff.

As a lifelong learner I continue to explore woven structures, improve my techniques and skills, increase my knowledge of all things fiber, and share my enthusiasm about textiles with anyone who will listen.

I am most excited about whatever I am currently working on, plotting what I will weave next and constantly reminding myself that I am only limited by my imagination, so I open my mind to the possibilities. I am content when I am tangled in fibers!

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