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Dani Bonine

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Dani Bonine

Dani Bonine

In the studio - By appointment only.
Hours subject to change. To ensure artist availability, please email.

I was once given the nickname, “Woman Who Changes” as I tend to reinvent myself. This label also applies to my art. I love to discover and experiment, focusing on a few artistic desires at a time, as I often get a flood of ideas. Totally engaged in my process, I rarely plan ahead for a specific outcome - I don’t want to know what it looks like before it’s complete!

I delight in the aesthetic of dark lines on light backgrounds; I dabble in daunting displays of dots; my mind swims in the liquid motion of flowing paint; I feel the tension between irregularly torn paper pieces arranged in loose mosaic-type patterns; I find woodburning to be a delightful extension of ink on paper, forming lines with this warm and vibrant medium.

My love for the line morphed into what I call a “zendani doodle” which is a customized ink drawing that commemorates a special occasion (such as a birth or a wedding) using icons, words and simple imagery in a complex collage of chaos on a single piece of paper.

In between larger projects, I also create and trade Art Postcards and Art Envelopes with other “Mail Artists” all over the world as a member of the International Union of Mail Artists. My favorite themes are textures, circles, trees and the alphabet.

Always learning, growing and changing as an artist, I look forward to creating more to share with others!



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