Hours: Weekdays 10-6. Weekends 11-5.

Darkroom at Hot Shops

Welcome to the Hot Shops


Space and access to limited materials are provided to our Darkroom Members and Resident Artists

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Darkroom Membership

  • $125. Includes 15 hours of darkroom reservations. $10/hour to reserve the room after.
  • Hot Shops Resident Artists: $8/hour to reserve the room.
  • All Darkroom members must complete an orientation with Terry Koopman prior to reserving the room.
  • Photo paper must be supplied by the member

We stock the following supplies to support your darkroom work:

  • Saunders/LPL 4550XLG Enlarger
  • Lenses
  • 35mm, 120 and 4×5 Negative Carriers
  • Grain Focus Tube
  • Adjustable easel
  • Timer
  • Trays for printing up to 11×14, tongs, etc.

Chemicals provided:

  • B&W film developing
  • Multigrade Developer for B&W Paper developing
  • Stop Bath
  • Rapid Fixer
  • You can bring in your own chemicals to use

Film Developing Equipment:

  • Plastic, self-loading reels and developing tanks for 35mm and 120 format
  • 4×5 sheet film loaders
  • Drying Cabinet