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Connecting Creative Communities Across Nebraska

The Hot Shops is proud to be part of a virtual showcase performance, Connecting Creative Communities Across Nebraska. This virtual showcase was created by UNO’s The Moving Company to coincide with Nebraska‚Äôs new Support the Arts license plates and to unite dancers and creative communities across the state despite the isolation being felt due to COVID-19.

With the help of dancers across the state of Nebraska, the Virtual Showcase incorporated many unique performances into one unified video production. Dancers performed their interpretations in an arts or cultural location specific to their area of Nebraska, connecting various creative districts throughout the state.

The Hot Shops was featured in two dances. One titled, ‘Lindy Hop Painting,’ was created and choreographed by artist resident, Josephine Langbehn and features Josephine and her husband, Brian, recreating the license plate design while dancing. The other video is titled, ‘Lindy Hop at Hot Shops’ and was co-directed and choreographed by Josephine and Elizabeth Straham.

You can watch the videos below, or visit the UNO website to read more about this project.