Hours: Weekdays 10-6. Weekends 11-5.

Artist Residency

Artist Residents

The Hot Shops provides a unique, collaborative environment for artists to explore creativity through a variety of artistic and creative processes.

Each artist resident who has a studio has the opportunity to create and display art to be experienced by the public and to educate the public about art and creativity. Studios operate as a real-life classroom and living museum for creative arts. All artist residents are encouraged to teach classes and workshops and to participate in Foundation-sponsored events.

The Hot Studios make our arts organization a unique place of learning for the fiery visual arts. 

The demonstrations and hands-on experiences in these studios are essential to the development of artists in these specific areas. These resources are rarely found outside of large universities, all of which are limited to the general public. We provide a pool of artists and educators to help develop other artists and members of the public. 

Artist resident benefits include:

  • Designated studio space to create and produce artwork.
  • Access to the public areas of the studios during public hours.
  • The opportunity to participate in curated exhibits featuring the work of member artists.
  • The opportunity to demonstrate and display art during open houses.
  • Website listing that includes bio, photo, current work
  • Plaque with your photo/bio for door
  • Coordinated promotion of educational programs
  • Discount on space reservations and gallery shows

To provide financial support to the Hot Shops, Artist Residents pay a fee to the Foundation. The fee can range between $250-1,000 monthly. Apply to join the wait list.